What Project Parity Does

We work in partnership with organisations in the UK and abroad to design skills based action plans and training sessions in direct response to their needs and circumstances.

We aim to build a culture where both women and men can develop their full potential as leaders in politics and public life.

Where possible we help form indigenous, self-standing '50/50 Groups' in nations where women have not yet reached at least 50% of local and national government.

We organise training workshops which have been extremely popular and are proving to be highly successful.

We teach practical skills which are vital to success in democratic politics and public life at all levels from local politics to global negotiations.

In Romania, following workshops organised by our trainers a new NGO was formed (222 Group) to help get women into parliament. At the last Romanian elections 4 participants who had been trained by Lesley Abdela were elected to parliament.

Our Aims

Our aim is to equip women with the skills, encouragement and knowledge they need to take active roles in fair, honest and open democracy.

By encouraging grass-roots campaigning, team-building and knowledge of a range of issues we hope to prepare a new wave of politicians worthy of taking up the massive challenges facing their countries.

Our activities emphasise practical participation in local, national and international politics and public life.

The project's aims are to:

1) reach a target of at least 30% women elected to local councils and national parliaments and as mayors in their own countries.

2) build a regional network of women and men working to build parity democracy (and members of the media who are interested in the topic).

3) keep workshop participants in contact with latest events and activities by setting up a regional newsletter/e-mail links.

Why do we aim at this?